Sepin Mimarlık Yavuz Selim Sepin



He was born in Afyon in 1948. In 1968 he started the Department of Architecture in IDMMA and graduated from the same school in 1973. He went to Stuttgart – Germany with invitation of Prof. Rolf Gutbrod. After working on a few projects as a designer – architect, he finished his master degree from Stuttgart Technical University – Faculty of Architecture in 1979. He established his own architectural office with Norwin Rummel in Stuttgart – Fellbach in 1978. From that time on he put several projects into practice in different places of Turkey and Germany.


He entered in over 280 national, international and invited competitions; and received several awards over 100. Fellbach Congress Hotel which he gained the first prize from its competition (1980) and Germany – Badenwürttemberg State Remsmur District (1986) were rewarded as The Best Urban Renewal Project and The Best Construction Plaque. In 1984 Karlsruhe Missions Zentrum Cathedral with 2000 users which took the first prize from a competition, constructed and put into service in 1989. Bursa Tuzhan Project took achievement award from Turkish Republic Tourism and Culture Ministry 2. National Conservation Awards from the field of Monumental Construction Projects. In 2009, project of Sepin Mimarlık gained first prize from Denizli Government Office and its surroundings. Urban Design Architectural Project Competition and took part in Arkiv’s Anthology of 2012. He is not only continuing his architectural projects in national and international way; but also he participates in lots of competitions as head and member of juries. Moreover; he gave lessons in several universities as Yıldız Technical University, Maltepe University and Okan University and attended seminars and panels with various topics. Yavuz Selim Sepin is married and he is a father of two children.


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